The world is your trading floor

ARIA's mobile technology lets you voice trade from anywhere

Need to voice trade remotely?

The trading world doesn’t miss a beat and neither should you. We know that you need to be able to work from home but, as a trader, how can you access the mobile technology you need?

With ARIA, you can voice trade from anywhere. As long as you’ve got a connection to your network, you can rely on the same secure technology you use in the office. No hassle. No complicated PC set up. Just point, click and talk.

So, wherever you are, it’s business as usual.

What are the benefits of ARIA?

It’s straightforward

Designed specifically for remote trading, ARIA gives you the tools you need, right there on your browser. It’s easy for traders to use and easy for organisations to roll out, with no complicated PC set up.

It’s secure

Flexibility needn’t come at the cost of security. ARIA is fully compliant and makes trading from home as secure as trading from the office.

It’s smart

Be ready to respond to unexpected changes. With ARIA, voice trading becomes mobile, so no matter the circumstances, you can continue trading from anywhere, on any device.

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Take the trading floor with you, wherever you are