Make the world your trading floor with the mobile technology that lets you work from anywhere.

Trade anywhere with a connection

With ARIA, you can voice trade from anywhere. As long as you’ve got a connection, you can rely on our technology to support you.

Stress-free remote access

Access a global directory, trading lines and broker lines, and place calls between two handsets. And, if you’re working off fewer screens than usual, ARIA will adapt to give you the best possible experience.

End-to-end encryption

ARIA protects your business with end-to-end encryption. Calls can also be recorded and stored in line with industry compliance regulations.

Scale up, or down

Need to scale up? No problem – ARIA has been designed to accommodate up to 10,000 users.


Centralised management system

With ARIA’s iCentralised Management System,  you can manage thousands of users on one  easy-to-use platform.


A long-term business alliance

We’re committed to building long-lasting, rewarding business relationships that work for everyone.